Oak Park Community Garden

Ongoing Operation

Oak Park Community Garden is operated by its individual members. Each member gardener is required to maintain his/her own plot. In addition they assist in the maintenance and operation of the garden (2 hours per parcel per month are required). The members:

Meeting Schedule

OPCG Meetings are held:

Quarterly: January, March, April, May, June, July, September, and October on the third Thursday of the month.
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Mae Boyar Park (corner of Conifer & Kanan Rd.)

In 2021, we are currently meeting online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Board of Directors

PresidentAmanda MartinA transplant from Australia, Amanda has been a gardener for most of her life. Growing vegetables at her local community garden became a way of life during the 15 years she spent living in Illinois . Passionate about introducing kids to gardening and finding ways to connect with the community Amanda has gardened at the Oak Park Community Garden since her return to California in 2019.
Vice PresidentJeff Hoyt
Secretary /
Maintenance Co-ordinator
Madelyne Green
TreasurerCynde AdelmanA long time resident of the Conejo Valley and a new member of the garden as of May 2019. I love to garden and really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this community. I enjoy my duties as Treasurer and look forward to continue serving this community and its members in any way I can.

Contact details: oakparkcommunitygarden@gmail.com or (630) 701-4677



Article I – Name and Structure

The name of this organization shall be “Oak Park Community Garden” (OPCG). This association is formed as an activity committee of the Community Foundation for Oak Park.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of OPCG is to promote, create, and maintain community and home gardening in Oak Park, and to encourage community involvement in the betterment of the community, while providing members with the joys of gardening.

Article III – Membership and Dues

Article IV – Elections and Officers

Article V – Meetings

Article VI – Amendments

Article VII – Standing Rules

Operating Rules and Regulations

(revised July 2022)



Eligibility and Parcel Assignment

General Rules and Regulations

Hours at the garden are from sunrise to sunset. I, or members of my household, will maintain my parcel.



Community Service

Each parcel will provide up to two hours per month as needed to the maintenance of the garden as a whole. The Garden Maintenance Coordinator will identify and prepare lists of work needed. Members will record a photo before and after “Work Log'' of the time spent and task(s) performed. This will be submitted to the Garden Maintenance Coordinator in a timely fashion via email/text. This work will be done by the gardeners themselves, or by members of their household, or by other OPCG members who volunteer to donate community service hours to them. Gardeners may not pay others to perform this work. Gardeners may not pay the OPCG to replace their community hours.

Regular work days to perform community service will be scheduled for the third Saturday of the month. Members may complete their assigned tasks on days other than the scheduled Saturday. Special work days will be scheduled as needed, if the board deems it necessary. Service performed on special work days will be applied toward the members monthly service requirement.

It is the responsibility of the head of parcel gardener to make sure that the required community service is completed for a shared parcel.

OPCG Board Directors are exempt from community service in consideration for the services they provide to the OPCG.

Committee heads and members shall be credited with hours they contribute toward special projects with the approval of a quorum OPCG Directors. The number of hours credited for special projects will be decided by the OPCG Directors.



Water Irrigation Systems

Any existing parcel irrigation systems (those connected by PVC pipe to the community garden plumbing) will be allowed to remain until the present parcel holder discontinues membership in the Garden. A new parcel renter wishing to assume responsibility for an existing watering system may do so; however, the OPCG makes no guarantees for the system’s functionality. New parcel irrigation systems that connect by PVC pipe to the community garden plumbing will be allowed provided the renter has: Submitted a written plan of the plumbing system with its layout to the Directors prior to approval.

Any new irrigation system installations re replacing/updating of currently existing ones shall be drip irrigation style.






Trash and Garden Waste

There is trash service to the garden.



Garden Parcels

The below rules apply specifically to the individually, member rented parcel lots.

Guidelines for the Oak Park Community Garden parcels have been set by the Rancho Simi Recreation Parks Department in conjunction with our surrounding neighbors and in consideration of neighborhood esthetics.

Parcels measure 10 feet by 20 feet. Each parcel under one gardener’s care will carry the same responsibilities, including financial.



Bamboo Mint
Cactus Morning glory (flower or weed)
Cane berries Passion fruit
Castor bean Plumeria trees
Chaote squash Sorghum
4 O'clock (the flower) Sugar cane
Jerusalum artichoke Wisteria
Any perennial over 4 feet tall, except for one five-foot tall grapevine**
Rose types that spread through underground runners


Violations / Termination of Membership


Fees and Payments


Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors of the OPCG meets once each month. Members are invited to call/email any Director to express concerns or comments. To bring any concerns or questions before the board in person, call the president to be added to the agenda.