Oak Park Community Garden

About the Garden

The Oak Park Gardeners (OPG) was established in 2003 with the objective of promoting gardening in Oak Park, California. The gardeners approached the Board of Directors for the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District with the idea of a community garden. The idea received support and sites were explored.

Our existing site was nothing more than an unused dirt lot and it was determined a community garden represented an opportunity to beautify the location and allow the recreation activity of community gardening within the community of Oak Park. The Oak Park Gardeners gratefully acknowledge the efforts of the Park District in this endeavor. The Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District developed the plans for the location and paid for the placement of fencing, landscaping, irrigation and the construction of the frames for the gardens. They also provided soil and installed water lines. In December 2007, The Oak Park Gardeners (OPG) offially changed their name to Oak Park Community Garden (OPCG).

Benefits of a Community Garden

Community gardens beautify the neighborhood and provide a safe, recreational green space in which to relax and enjoy being out doors. Individual gardeners get a chance to grow some of their own vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers, some of which might not be available in local markets. In the process of doing so, they learn gardening skills while contributing to keeping urban air clean. Interacting with one another, gardeners gain a sense of community. Children get an opportunity to see where their food comes from, learn how things grow, how to care for plants and gain a sense of achievement in growing their own food.

Upcoming Events

Throughout August we are having a Wednesday "Parcel Chat Night" at the garden.

Who We Are

The Oak Park Community Garden is a committee of the Community Foundation for Oak Park, a tax-exempt, public-benefit charity. The official registration and financial information regarding the Community Foundation for Oak Park can be obtained from the Attorney General's web site at http://caag.state.ca.us/charities/. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Among the activities of OPCG are guest speakers, field trips to various points of interest, establishing and overseeing the Oak Park Community Garden, and working with schools’ gardening programs.

Our Purpose

To maintain an organic community garden that will provide education and beautification as well as supplying food for members of the Garden. Working in a cooperative manner, the members will maintain the grounds at the garden. Oak Park Community Garden (OPCG) is a piece of formerly vacant land that was divided into individual parcels. These parcels are allocated to individual members who can grow vegetables and/or flowers of their choice.

Join Us

All gardeners are welcome, regardless of experience level or specific interests. We are located at the corner of Kanan and Sunnycrest.

To apply, first visit the Parcels page to see the list of available parcels. Then fill out the application form and mail to the address indicated, or just email us a scanned copy. Remember to include your signature in the three places where indicated.